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Meet the candidates for San Diego City Council District 3: Q&A with Kate Callen

By The San Diego Union-Tribune Staff, February 20, 2024

Here is part of Kate Callen’s answer to why she is running for San Diego District 3 City Council in 2024:
“District 3 has become collateral damage in the city’s zeal to overbuild housing and shortchange infrastructure. I’m running to turn that around.

I’m a second-generation District 3 community activist, a founder of a District 3 community nonprofit and a planning group member. I am a former journalist who has published numerous news commentaries about District 3 challenges.”

Kate’s answer in regards to a 1% tax increase:
No. San Diego’s massive flood damage was caused in part by City Hall’s atrocious financial mismanagement. Voters will not trust these inept leaders with more money. Before the city can even consider new tax or bond measures, we must restore public trust in the city’s fiscal practices.

Read the article to find out what Kate’s top 3 things she would do if she was elected along with so much more!

San Diego’s District 3 candidates debate police funding, historic designations and neighborhood groups

The San Diego Union Tribune, February 20, 2024

Challenger Kate Callen criticized incumbent Stephen Whitburn for endorsing a new city plan to review and potentially loosen rules protecting historic buildings.
“Our historic structures in District 3 are our treasures,” Callen said. “They don’t have to be mowed down and a 17-story thing put on top.”

Callen said talk of shifting money away from the Police Department is crazy.
“Public safety is of paramount importance for a city government,” she said.

Callen criticized the effort as an attempt by Mayor Todd Gloria to wipe out community opposition to proposals for high-rise housing in the area with a slate of leaders he would control.
“They will be handpicked by the mayor,” said Callen, stressing that the existing group was elected by residents. “You can’t create lasting diversity by overturning elections.”

Opinion: U-T Editorial Board Interviews 2024 San Diego City Council Candidate Kate Callen

The San Diego Union Tribune, February 16, 2024

Whitburn Challengers Attack Council Incumbent On High-Rise Housing, Camping Ban, Bike Lanes

The San Diego Union Tribune, February 2, 2024

“District 3 is suffering from a saturation of density, and we don’t have the infrastructure to support it,” said Kate Callen, a North Park community activist. “Our streets are clogged, our air is dirty — it’s a mess.”

Callen was particularly critical of Whitburn for supporting the city’s Complete Communities program, which allows developers in some neighborhoods to build much larger projects than existing zoning would allow.
“Complete Communities has sent a message to corporate builders far and wide: ‘Come to San Diego, and you can build whatever you want wherever you want,’” she said. “It says, ‘You can treat us like an ATM — and don’t worry about the surrounding community, because we don’t listen to them.’”

Callen said she wants a detailed audit of the millions San Diego already spends on homelessness.

Callen said the money spent on bike lanes could have helped address bigger problems, like the clogged and failing flood control channels whose failures led to damaging flooding with the Jan. 22 storm.

Callen said she doubted that many people who work at City Hall use transit and that it would therefore be hypocritical to expect that of other people.

A Hillcrest Full of High-Rises?  San Diego’s Plan to Dramatically Remake The Neighborhoods Gets Mixed Reviews

The San Diego Union Tribune, November 30, 2023

Kate Callen, who lives in nearby North Park, said she worried that city officials plan to ignore neighborhood backlash against the proposal.
“The people who live and work in Hillcrest have been completely shut out of the planning process,” she said. “They feel disrespected and scorned, and they are growing angrier by the day.”

Stephen Whitburn Challengers - The San Diego Union Tribune Article October 15 2023

The San Diego Union Tribune October 15, 2023

The Destruction of The Little Red Bungalow In Mission Hills San Diego

The Destruction of the Little Red Bungalow in Mission Hills
OB Rag October 10, 2023

Times of San Diego Photo of Kate Callen San Diego City Council 2024 District 3

Community Activist Kate Callen to Run for San Diego City Council in District 3
Times of San Diego September 13, 2023

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